mission statement

At Applied Geology (AG) Modeling Solutions, our mission is to revolutionize geologic mineral resource estimation through innovative technologies and advanced methodologies. We are committed to providing reliable mineral resource assessments, enabling mining and exploration companies to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. Focusing on cutting-edge geostatistical modeling and data analytics, we strive to unlock the full potential of mineral deposits and contribute to sustainable resource management. Through our expertise, integrity, and commitment to excellence, we aim to be the trusted partner in driving the success and growth of our clients while ensuring responsible and environmentally conscious mineral resource development

vision statement

Our vision at Applied Geology (AG) Modeling Solutions is to be the leading geologic mineral resource estimation startup, revolutionizing the mining industry with our cutting-edge geologic methodologies. We envision a future where our innovative solutions empower mining and exploration companies to unlock the full potential of mineral resources, driving sustainable growth and maximizing value. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we aim to set new industry standards in efficiency and reliability, becoming the trusted partner for geologic resource estimation worldwide. Through our visionary approach, collaborative partnerships, and commitment to technological advancement, we strive to shape the future of mineral resource estimation, driving the success and prosperity of our clients and contributing to a more sustainable and responsible mining industry.

Principal Geologist, Mineral Resource Estimation & Evaluation

David Hlorgbe directs geological mineral resource estimation projects at Applied Geology (AG) Modeling Solutions. He is a Qualified Person (QP) and Corporate Mineral Resource Geologist with over 20 years of experience in the mining industry. David has expertise across several countries and various commodities, from low tonnage high-grade precious metals deposits to bulk tonnage base metals deposits. He has experience in Resource Modeling of underground and open pit targets from exploration to production, performing production reconciliations and defining drill programs. David began his career as a Resource Geologist with AngloGold Ashanti, assisting in geological ore body and metallurgical modeling. He joined Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd. as Exploration Geologist. He also worked with Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold as Ore Control/Resource Geologist. Until recently, David was Manager, Mineral Resource Estimation & Evaluation with Coeur Mining Inc.